Why Us?

Our organization is founded on a set of core values and principles that shape how we operate and serve. Teamwork makes the dream work! We all have spiritual gifts that can be used for the greater mission! ⁠

Hygienists For Humanity is a non-profit organization that connects volunteers to underserved communities and those experiencing homelessness with oral hygiene products and services.

what do we do?

We are #DoingAngelsWork! We strive to be the catalyst for healthcare and oral health professionals supporting and uplifting underserved communities worldwide.

We host mission trips, sponsor volunteer opportunities and outreach programs, and help local dental professionals promote oral health in their communities.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

Hygienists For Humanity's values directly correlate within the dental hygiene profession and everyone can embody them!

Kate MachadoBoston, MA

Hygienists For Humanity is looking to serve those in need and not worry about turning a profit. I am a #HygienistForHumanity because I have a servant's heart.

Jen KoppWinfield, MO

Hygienists for Humanity provides resources but most importantly a sense of community for their supporters and the homeless populations that they serve.

Jasmin HaleyRaleigh, NC

I signed up for the newsletter and bought the signature Hygienists For Humanity logo shirt to support the work H4H is doing.  When I see other people doing amazing work that I cannot get involved in, I want to support them in any way I can, by sending some money or buying a product they are selling. It helps when that product is an adorable shirt that sparks conversations with people when I wear it.

Dorothy FerreiraNew Jersey, USA

We want to do our part in helping those in need.

DTech Billing and ClaimsMaryland, USA

I love the message and mission it stands for! Hygienists have the ability to impact so many lives and bring so many smiles to our communities.

Valia SammarcoStoughton, MA

One of my main reasons for having a career in dentistry is to increase access to care for underserved communities. Because I'm only one person, I support Hygienists for Humanity so that access to oral hygiene services and products can be expanded. We can reach more individuals by working together.

Latrica JohnsonDallas, GA