Meet Our Angels

Meet 3 Angels behind our mission #DoingAngelsWorkDC! Chaina, Tiffany, and Krystal share why they joined our organization and reasons why you should join us!

Act Of Service

Support our mission by volunteering.  We are a national organization and we always welcome warm hearts in communities where we visit to help us prepare and execute our mission #DoingAngelsWork. This could include packing and sorting inventory, helping on a committee, or providing your professional services… everyone’s gift is different. You tell us how you can help. Sign up to provide an act of service today!


Host #DoingAngelsWork

Support our mission by hosting an event in your neighborhood. We’d love to help you initiate #DoingAngelsWorkYourTown It’s easier than you’d think. We’ve got all the goods from our sponsors… all we need are a few #DoGooders who are JUST like you! So what do you say, collaborate for good? #WeFlyHigherTogether #DoingAngelsWork. Sign up today!