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D-Tech Billing and Claims

D-TECH has been involved in many efforts to improve society since it’s founding. We have provided reduced cost billing support to 3 FQHC dental clinics over the years. In addition, we have supported and participated in dental missions – both domestically and abroad. Each team member on our team has identified a cause near and dear to their hearts. At least quarterly, we support one of these causes by way of 5k walks(kidney health, suicide prevention, breast cancer prevention), feeding the homeless, food bank assistance and support of abused women and children. DeVon Banks, CEO of D-TECH also serves on the board of 2 nonprofit organizations.

Founded by Devon Banks in 1998

Headquarters: Maryland, USA


How did you first learn about about Hygienists For Humanity?

DeVon Banks first learned of Hygienists for Humanity upon meeting its founder on a Smiles at Sea in 2018. DeVon was excited to learn of the great work HFH has been doing over the years.

Why do you support Hygienists For Humanity?

D-TECH supports Hygienists For Humanity because we believe in Alicia and her mission. Her compassion, drive and vision are inspiring. We want to do our part in helping those in need.

Who is your other wing?

Thankfully, I am surrounded by positive and encouraging family, friends and colleagues. I believe that you are who you have in your circle. With the support of such positive energy, I am able to continue to do the work of helping offices along in their path to financial stability.

Winter Newsletter Contest


Our Winter newsletter sponsor, D-Tech Billing and Claims has generously offered paid tuition or lodging expenses for the upcoming RDH Under One Roof conference.  RDH Under One Roof will take place in Denver, CO July 15-18, 2020.


You won’t want to miss this contest or the 20th anniversary of this amazing conference!

Contest Rules:

  1. Follow @dtechbc and @hygienistsforhumanity on Instagram
  2. Like the Sponsored Giveaway post on @hygienistsforhumanity on Instagram 
  3. Make a video post stating why continuing education is important and why you support Hygienists For Humanity, tagging @hygienistsforhumanity
  4. Be subscribed as a member of Hygienists For Humanity


Winner will be announced on Sponsored Post 4/3/20



Contest ONLY valid on Instagram

Angels In Action

US Public Health Service

Why LCDR Turner supports Hygienists For Humanity and How she learned about the organization

“I live by some of my grandfather’s favorite words (and song by Mahalia Jackson): “If I can help somebody, as I travel along. If I can help somebody, in a word or a song. If I can help somebody, from doing wrong [or feeling bad]. No, my living shall not be in vain.” H4H embodies the true concept of service and how I strive to live my life. I support those who are altruistic, positive, and passionate about serving others. And it is a plus that the organization is focused on reaching oral health needs and run by a fellow dental hygienist!

I met Alicia while serving at a Remote Area Medical (RAM) mission in the Washington DC area. RAM is a non-profit organization that provides free dental, vision, and medical services to those in need. Their mission is to prevent pain and alleviate suffering through mobile clinics around the U.S. and internationally. They are committed to serve humanity; provide free, quality healthcare services; empower communities; and generate a movement to transform communities for a better and healthier tomorrow. Alicia introduced me to H4H’s mission and objectives and I immediately wanted to support the operation.”

Learn more about Remote Area Medical (RAM)

LCDR Turner's other wing:

“My son, Micah, is definitely my other wing who keeps me going, believing I can soar, and picks me up/gives me an extra boost when I’m flying low!! I strive to be the best “me” so he can see good in the world exists, to be kind to others, and believe in his dreams.”

Meet Lieutenant Commander (LCDR), Latasha Turner, BSDH, BS

LCDR Turner has been serving in the US Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps for 7 years. An Air Force Veteran and with a passion for people, she has always had a heart to serve. When given the opportunity to join an elite group of qualified professionals dedicated to promoting health, preventing disease and advancing our Nation towards the fight against disease and poor health outcomes, she did not hesitate to apply for the Commissioned Corps. As a public servant, she also consistently volunteers with free mobile clinics such as Remote Area Medical and Missions of Mercy.

Learn more about US Public Health Service

As one of America’s seven uniformed services and overseen by the Surgeon General, Commissioned Corps officers serve in public health leadership and clinical service roles within federal government agencies that focus on health and human services. We have a passion for public service and are dedicated to promoting public health through population and community wellness, disease prevention programs, and advancing wellbeing through science and education. We also respond to public health crises and national emergencies such as natural disasters, disease outbreaks, terrorist attacks, or other response efforts with public health concerns. Our main clinical roles are within the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Indian Health Service, and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. Some other agencies where we serve include: CDC, FDA, NIH, HRSA, CMS, and on DoD installations.

Let's Do Angel's Work In Your Community!

Our Values


Our organization is founded on a set of core values and principles that shape how we operate and serve. We intend to introduce a core value each volume of our newsletter. 

Dental Hygienist Hygienists For Humanity

Find out how Emily Boge connects with our core value, professionalism…

H4H: Thank you for taking time to connect with us Emily, we know you have a full plate as a wife, mother, educator, inventor, writer, phD student, and public speaker. You are the epitome of ‘professionalism,’ please share how you connect with our core value.

Emily: Hygienists for Humanity’s mission of supporting, uplifting, and connecting to the underserved connects directly to the mission of our College [Hawkeye Community College, Waterloo, IA]; to respond to the educational and diversity needs of our community. Our team of dental hygiene educators identify with these values as we work to provide the best educational experience to our students, regardless of their socioeconomic status or at-home living situations. Some students arrive with a deep understanding of professionalism and are ready for the expectations society will place on them as a licensed healthcare provider. Other students have had limited experiences in their exposure to health settings, not to mention experiences in maintaining poise and professionalism in their role on the healthcare team. These students begin their learning journey at square one without a history of positive examples and leadership in healthcare in their past. Our job as educators is to foster a learning environment that is conducive to obtaining the hard and soft-skill knowledge necessary to think critically for every level of new student as they assess the needs of each individual patient.

H4H: How has membership with our organization affected you as a professional?

Emily: As an individual member of Hygienists for Humanity, and college administrator, I feel I have a unique opportunity to inspire the future of our profession through leadership by example. I am a firm believer in the world needing all of you, the real you, not some falsified version you want them to see. Professionalism needs to come from a genuine place, holding yourself to a higher standard of respect for yourself and the community you serve.

H4H: Your career has been extremely successful. How has professionalism played a role?

Emily: My quest for professionalism and the highest quality of team-focused care has led me to some fantastic experiences in the [dental hygiene] industry.   Working at the College allows me to continue an active career completing research, consulting, writing, and speaking for several major dental companies, fellow professionals, and dental product consumers. I attribute every achievement in my career to two things: the mentors I have been given who have taught me the skill of professionalism, and a desire to live my best life, out there being the real me, rather than some version of myself that I thought the dental world needed.

H4H: Wow Emily, you are multifaceted! We are thankful to have an Angel like you on our team who is forward moving, motivational, and professional. We thank you for your continued support! We love you, the real YOU! Thank you for being a great example of professionalism and being a great act to follow. 

Emily: I am thankful to share my support as a Hygienist for Humanity.

We hope that you are as inspired by Emily Boge as we are.


Thank you for your contribution to our profession, Emily. #WeFlyHigherTogether



Some define professionalism as ‘specialized knowledge or skill, competency, accountablity, honesty, and integrity.’ Hygienists For Humanity defines Professionalism as aligning with organizations and individuals that share a commitment to success and have the same levels of professionalism.  Hygienists For Humanity is happy to recognize our Angel, Emily Boge, MPA, RDH, CDA as she truly embodies our core value, professionalism.

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

-Hebrews 13:2

Angel Sighting

Meet Valia Sammarco, Stoughton, MA


Offered for only a limited time,  Hygienists For Humanity partnered with Dental Hygiene Nation for a Winter fundraiser.  This exclusive pompom beanie is warm, snuggly, and way too cute.

Valia was among the first to snag a beanie!  Valia proudly supports Hygienists For Humanity and is a member because ‘I love the message and mission is stands for! Hygienists have the ability to impact so many lives and bring so many smiles to our communities.’

With  Valia’s support in Bridgeport, MA we can continue #DoingAngelsWork, advocate for care in vulnerable populations all around the country. Thanks for being our other wing Valia!

Stay warm!!

"We all angels on earth with one wing and we only fly high when we are together."

Luciano De Creszenzo

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All shirt sales are considered a tax deductible donation. Look good while supporting an amazing initiative!

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It’s holiday season! When you shop for yourself, your loved ones, or your four-legged friends, you can donate to Hygienists For Humanity with no additional effort or fees. Amazon Smile donates .5{f076bc9859f7e51954648adb7641793c97926a1db9248712c0766c411496f9d8} of each qualifying purchases to Hygienists For Humanity when you select us as your charity. Simply sign in under Amazon Smile URL, find and select our organization, and shop as you normally would, now supporting Hygienists For Humanity. The best part is, you can still use your Prime benefits. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

Get to ArchAngel Status by 2022


ArchAngels are simply Angels of high rank.  

When we recognize our ArchAngels, we are recognizing our other wing. Our ArchAngels help us to fly higher and connect communities nationwide with quality oral hygiene products.

We want to recognize you. 

This is a prestigious honor only offered to members who have: 

  • Donated $1000 or more over a 2 year span ($42 per month will earn you ArchAngel status, however any amount is helpful)
  • Participate/Facilitate 1 or more #DoingAngelsWork missions
  • Donate 200 or more oral hygiene products

Don’t go it alone, you can get to ArchAngel status by engaging your community/colleagues. 

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Executive Committee Corner

The Halo is meant to inspire and connect communities around the country. With our 4th newsletter (can you believe it?), it’s our hope that you are inspired and have the desire to connect with peers.  We are looking forward to a productive year and fruitful missions, with your support. 

As our featured value illustrates, we pride ourselves in connecting with individuals and organizations who have a commitment to success. Please take an opportunity to explore our Winter newsletter sponsor, D-Tech Billing and Claims and participate in our contest. We wish you luck and look forward to seeing you at RDH Under One Roof!

If you’re looking for more opportunities to serve in communities around you, be sure to connect with US Public Health Service and Remote Area Medical.  These are amazing opportunities to represent the profession of dental hygiene and support communities in dire need.  Our vision is to be a catalyst for healthcare professionals  to volunteer and provide opportunities in their communities.  

Let’s get you on your way to ArchAngel status by facilitating your first #DoingAngelsWork mission! Connect with us so we can get the ball rolling. Don’t forget, you can get to ArchAngel status with one or more persons. 

We would love to feature you in subsequent volumes of The Halo. If you have content you would like to share please forward it to our email, and we’ll do the rest. 

As always, we thank you for your continued support and subscribing to free membership with our organization.


We truly fly higher together.


Thank you for being our Other Wing!