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Your Smiling Hygienist

The mission of YSH is to create “Smiley things that help real life smiles”. To date, sales from our smile fashion has made monetary donations to non-profits, including Hygienists for Humanity, donations of bamboo toothbrushes from Baltimore, MD to remote villages in Tanzania, Africa, and the circulation of over 100 smile tags meant to spark a shared smile among friends and strangers.


Founded by Christie Lincoln, RDH in 2016

Headquarters: Connecticut, USA
How did you first learn about Hygienists For Humanity?


Walking the aisles of an RDH UOR conference, founder, Alicia Murria, shared her idea of creating a non-profit that connected homeless communities with quality oral care products. “Hygienists for Humanity inspired our “Smile for Humanity” design.

Why do you support Hygienists For Humanity?


Simple…Humanity. Smiling and it’s benefits are unique to humanity. A well-known Bible verse says, “there is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving” and H4H embodies this completely. So the question became, “how could Your Smiling Hygienist NOT support Hygienists for Humanity?

Get Ready To Win For Humanity!


The winner will receive a “Smile for Humanity” black unisex tee. The message is simple yet profound, so get ready for compliments from random strangers 🙂 Also in the spirit of giving, the winner will receive 25 of Your Smiling Hygienists bamboo donation toothbrushes to donate to a shelter or organization of their choosing.

Contest Rules:

  1. Follow @yoursmilinghygienist and @hygienistsforhumanity on Instagram
  2. Like the Sponsored Giveaway post on @hygienistsforhumanity on Instagram
  3. Be subscribed as a member of Hygienists For Humanity

**Bonus Entries**

1 extra entry – tag a buddy on the Sponsored Giveaway post

2 extra entries – share giveaway post in your Insta story tagging @yoursmilinghygienist & @hygienistsforhumanity

3 extra entries – Create a post or Insta story with the #TheresSoMuchMoreToSmiling hashtag highlighting the small things in life that you are thankful for and tag @yoursmilinghygienist and @hygienistsforhumanity on Instagram


Winner will be announced on Sponsored Post 12/10/19




Contest ONLY valid on Instagram

Our Values

Our organization is founded on a set of core values and principles that shape how we operate and serve. We intend to introduce a core value each volume of our newsletter. 

Meet Jasmin Haley, RDH, MSDH, CDA

Founder, Beyond The Prophy

H4H: Jasmin, why do you support Hygienists For Humanity and what does our value ‘community’ mean to you?

Jasmin: As we enter this time of the year, where many communities are gathering to give back to those less fortunate, it helps me to reflect on the value of community. Hygienists for Humanity, a non-profit organization is committed to ‘connecting the underserved communities and individuals experiencing homelessness with quality oral hygiene products and services’ to help maintain their overall health. The philosophy of their organization is to care for those less fortunate whenever the opportunity rises. Their mission and vision is a direct representation of the value of community.  The term community has a strong meaning that indicates familial fellowship or the sharing of beliefs or goals. Communities play an important role in the lives of many and often help their members take part in supporting the greater good. It can provide opportunities, resources, and activities to help members reach their greatest potential. It can also provide the social support and belonging to its members to help them realize that they are never alone. Whatever form community takes, it is an integral part of living a thriving life. Hygienists for Humanity, provides resources but most importantly a sense of community for their supporters and the homeless populations that they serve.

H4H: If you could offer advice to our Angels, what would it be?

Jasmin: As we continue on with our day-to-day responsibilities, take a moment to ask yourself, how can I help promote a similar sense of community? How can I support the greater good? Am I creating a sense of community with every person that I interact with? However you decide to make your mark on the world, make sure you continue to do it with a smile!

Thank you for your contribution Jasmin. We are glad to have you as a member of our community! #WeFlyHigherTogether


Service means serving anywhere, anytime.  We value community and service on a local, state,  national, or global level. When we are gathered in the same place or have common characteristics, we are considered community.  Hygienists For Humanity capitalizes on community and has a vision to be the catalyst for fellowship, service, volunteer, and charitable activities centered around local, state, national, and global continuing education.

Angels In Action

Dorothy Ferreira, RDH

New Jersey, USA

Angel Spotting

Not only is Dorothy an #AngelInAction, she is also a member and an avid supporter of Hygienists For Humanity. “I signed up for the newsletter and bought the signature Hygienists For Humanity logo shirt to support the work H4H is doing.  When I see other people doing amazing work that I cannot get involved in, I want to support them in anyway I can, by sending some money or buying a product they are selling. It helps when that product is an adorable shirt that sparks conversations with people when I wear it. The work Hygienists For Humanity is doing inspires me and makes me proud to be a part of a profession that includes people like Alicia.”

"Thankful to get a chance to do what I love for people who would never have an opportunity for this care"

Dorothy has been volunteering for over 10 years with Alliance for Smiles, a non-profit organization in San Francisco, CA.  This year she completed her 17th mission with Alliance for Smiles.  In that time she has completed over 16 missions, including Bangledesh, China, Myanmar, The Philippines, Cameroon, Nigeria, Rwanda, & Zimbabwe.  This year, Dorothy visited Guatemala for the first time. Her biggest excitement is that she ‘gets to provide clinical dental hygiene care as well as education for the families and anyone else who will listen.’  Dorothy says, “I volunteer with medical mission teams that provide cleft lip and palate surgery for children in developing countries. It is rewarding but challenging work that many cannot do. When people express apologies for not being able to help, I tell them there are so many ways you can participate, the least not being financial support.”  With the support of Alliance for Smiles, Dorothy provides “preventive oral health care, applying silver diamine fluoride when needed, and working with families to improve their oral hygiene.” Dorothy is extremely passionate about her role as a dental hygienist, supports humanitarian efforts, and spreads love &  the gospel of dental hygiene everywhere she goes!  She asks kindly for continuous prayers for her team, the mission, and the people they encounter.

Dorothy is a true angel on earth and her efforts are not unnoticed. Thank you for the work you do and being an #AngelInAction!

I want to get involved!

Snag a Signature Logo T-Shirt Here

All shirt sales are considered a tax deductible donation. Look good while supporting an amazing initiative!

Learn More About Alliance For Smiles

Alliance For Smiles is a non-profit organization that provides free cleft lip and palate surgery for children in underserved areas of the world. Visit their website to learn more about the work they do, communities they support, and consider joining in on a mission team or donating to their cause.

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing so some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

-Hebrews 13:2

Support Hygienists For Humanity by Shopping Amazon Smile

It’s holiday season! When you shop for yourself, your loved ones, or your four-legged friends, you can donate to Hygienists For Humanity with no additional effort or fees. Amazon Smile donates .5{f076bc9859f7e51954648adb7641793c97926a1db9248712c0766c411496f9d8} of each qualifying purchases to Hygienists For Humanity when you select us as your charity. Simply sign in under Amazon Smile URL, find and select our organization, and shop as you normally would, now supporting Hygienists For Humanity. The best part is, you can still use your Prime benefits. Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

"We all angels on earth with one wing and we only fly high when we are together."

Luciano De Creszenzo


Thank you to our Summer newsletter sponsor, MouthWatch!

Congratulations to our Angel!

Lacy Walker, North Carolina

We hope you enjoy your new MouthWatch IntraOral Camera!

Picture This…

Picture you, your colleagues, & Hygienists For Humanity, together, #DoingAngelsWork! We want you to get involved! #DoingAngelsWork is easier than you realize. Let’s collaborate for good. Check out our group photo from our latest mission in Fort Lauderdale, FL at Feeding South Florida and picture your crew in it! We appreciate all of your support- our missions wouldn’t be made possible without YOU! #WeFlyHigherTogether

Executive Committee Corner

We hope this volume of The Halo has inspired you to connect with your community,  learn more about the cause of  Your Smiling Hygienist,  reflect on all there is to be thankful for,  and embrace opportunities to share your blessings with others. Keep an eye out for missions to be executed in areas near you or feel free to reach out to us to begin planning a mission in your community!

Consider supporting Hygienists For Humanity during this season of giving by making a tax deductible donation, buying a t-shirt, donating products, and/ or organizing a mission in your community.  Feel good about taking part in this quarter’s contest that gives back to a community of your choice.  Be sure to head over to our Instagram page for an opportunity to win for humanity! You’ll look great in your Smile For Humanity t-shirt and feel even better when a donation of 25 toothbrushes are made to a charity of your choice on your behalf. Good Luck! 

If you want to support and still  aren’t sure where to begin, you can start by browsing our website. Also, check out another resource dedicated to acts of service, Giving Tuesday. Giving Tuesday encourages people to donate their time, goods, or services in communities of their choice. For more information visit

We thank you for subscribing to free membership with Hygienists For Humanity and we hope that you have enjoyed our third volume of The Halo. During this Thanksgiving season we encourage you to remember how privileged we are to be healthcare providers and hope that you’ll consider honing your unique skills to serve others. Be reminded that #DoingAngelsWork is IMPOSSIBLE without YOU! Support in any way, shape, or from is truly appreciatedFrom our Hygienists For Humanity to yours, we hope that you have an amazing holiday season and we look forward to connecting with you in 2020 and beyond! 

When faced with a choice, we hope that you choose to live your life with gratitude, so much that it overflows into every area of your life… because gratitude is a choice we make everyday. 

Thank you for being our Other Wing!

Every Little Bit Helps.