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Meet Our Sponsor!


Our mission at MouthWatch is to improve oral health around the world through innovative software and products that improve communications, enhance understanding, and facilitate the delivery of dental care. We do this through teledentistry solutions that enhance care delivery across dental, medical and public health settings and with high quality dental cameras that capture diagnostic dental images quickly and affordably.

Meet the MouthWatch Team (from left): Brant Herman, Eden Ivie, Jay Martorelli

Headquarters: New Jersey, USA

How did you first learn about about Hygienists For Humanity?

We first learned about Hygienists For Humanity in 2018 and had a chance to meet at RDH UOR in 2018.

Why do you support Hygienists For Humanity?

MouthWatch is excited to support Hygienists for Humanity’s efforts to bring oral hygiene products to homeless populations. We are so impressed by your passion and drive and we love how you are organizing hygienists to provide for an underserved population.

Get Ready To Win A MouthWatch IntraOral Camera!

The MouthWatch intraoral camera is lightweight and easily captures high quality images. The camera integrates seamlessly with all imaging software. Simple one-button capture makes the MouthWatch intraoral camera an efficient and effective tool for documentation, diagnosis and patient education.

Contest Rules

One lucky winner will receive a MouthWatch IntraOral Camera at chosen at random, September 20th on Instagram.

  1. Be subscribed as member of Hygienists For Humanity
  2. Like both @MouthWatch and @HygienistsForHumanity on Instagram
  3. Create a cool photo/caption and tag both Hygienists For Humanity & Mouthwatch in any hygiene swag (bonus points if it’s MouthWatch and/or Hygienists For Humanity swag)
  4. Page must be public


Contest ONLY valid on Instagram

Angels In Action

Kate Machado, RDH

Read how Kate embodies Hygienists For Humanity’s values

Kate Explains, “Many of Hygienists For Humanity’s values resonate with me. The two that stood out were Growth and Partnership. I have said it once, I’ll say it again. I have always wanted to be a dental hygienist. I was that little girl at five years old telling everyone I wanted to be a RDH when I grew up, so that’s what I did. I have grown into a more confident person for it. It has given me opportunities I never knew I wanted. Dental hygiene has opened my eyes and has created new career aspirations such as going back to school for my bachelors to become a dental hygiene educator. One huge part of my growth was communication. I now speak at my dental hygiene school through my professional association’s mentor liaison program (in this program, I am a resource for soon to be RDH graduates and the ADHA/MDHA).”

“Next, partnerships. In this domino-like effect, with my growth came partnerships. Becoming a member of my professional association brought me to Hygienists For Humanity. My bachelor degree brought me to a non-profit called Hope & Comfort. After hearing Hope & Comfort’s mission I quickly thought how can I help. My thought was that I can combine my association and Hygienists for Humanity with Hope Comfort, which

helps children of all ages with hygiene insecurity in the Greater Boston Areas. I have so many positive things to say about dental hygiene. Hygienists For Humanity’s values directly correlate within the dental hygiene profession and everyone can embody them!”

Meet Kate, our Wing behind #DoingAngelsWorkBoston

Kate reports, “I have been active member of the ADHA since the beginning. I was part of SADHA back in dental hygiene school. Now with a few years of clinical experience, I am still going strong with my professional memberships in the ADHA and MDHA. I was first introduced to Hope & Comfort in February this year. Their presentation about who they were and their mission sparked something in me that I was not expecting. I knew that my professional association was a great place to reach out for help and resources. This is where Hygienists For Humanity came in.”

"Hope and Comfort’s mission is to provide essential
hygiene products to support and improve the health, self-esteem, and hygiene education of school-aged children and young adults in need within Greater Boston"

She continues, “As dental professionals and just human beings in general, we should help each other. Each of us has our own unique relationships, partnerships, and available resources we can use to help others in need. I’m truly grateful in working with Hygienists for Humanity. We have executed an #AngelsDoingWork event in just a few months to help sort and pack health and dental care products for children of all ages in the Greater Boston Area. We all share positive and collaborative ideas as we are continuing working towards more possibilities for events/missions in the near future.”

Let's Do Angel's Work In Your Community!

Support Hygienists For Humanity by Shopping Amazon Smile


You already love Amazon… why not shop for a cause? On qualifying purchases, Amazon Smile donates .5{f076bc9859f7e51954648adb7641793c97926a1db9248712c0766c411496f9d8} of the total to Hygienists For Humanity when you select us as your charity. Simple sign in under Amazon Smile, find and select our organization

Angel Sighting

Our member, Jen Kopp of Winfield, MO is spotted sporting her EXCLUSIVE Hygienists For Humanity baseball cap after a day full of ‘doing good’ aka clinical care. Jen snagged this cool cap in 2018 at RDH UOR in National Harbor, MD during a contest in which each person who donated product or bags were eligible to win. Jen proudly wears her Hygienists For Humanity gear and says she supports us because we are ‘an organization that serves from the heart. Hygienists For Humanity is looking to serve those in need and not worry about turning a profit. I am a #HygienistForHumanity because I have a servants heart. I left a very comfortable private practice position to practice in public health because I wanted to be part of the solution for the healthcare discrepancy we have in our nation.’

Keep being the change you want to see, Jen! With your support in Winfield, Missouri we can continue #DoingAngelsWork & advocate for care in vulnerable populations all around the country. Thanks for your support, Jen!

"We all angels on earth with one wing and we only fly high when we are together."

Luciano De Creszenzo

Congratulations Winners!

Thanks to our Spring newsletter sponsor, Young Innovations, three amazing Angels are the new recipients of an awesome Young Hygiene Handpiece, XP Sharpen-Free Blackjack & M23 instrument!

Congratulations to our Angels!

Robyn Oakes, Ontario

Deshawn Nasr, Maryland

Kayla Haugen, Tennessee

We hope you enjoy your new hygiene essentials!

Calling All Angels!

We want you to get involved! #DoingAngelsWork is easier than you realize. Let’s collaborate for good. Check out our group photo from our latest mission in Boston, MA at Hope & Comfort and picture yourself in it! We appreciate all of your support. #WeFlyHigherTogether

Executive Committee Corner


We thank you for subscribing to free membership with Hygienists For Humanity and we hope that you have enjoyed our second volume of The Halo. As we execute missions in 2019 we want to remind you that this would IMPOSSIBLE without your support! Support in any way, shape, or from is truly appreciated.

We hope this volume of The Halo has empowered you to follow your clinical passion, connect with our sponsor MouthWatch, learn how you can get involved in your community, and embrace opportunities to advocate for access to care. Keep an eye out for missions to be executed in areas near you or feel free to reach out to us to begin planning a mission in your community!

Be sure to head over to our Instagram page for an opportunity to win an Intraoral Camera from our sponsor MouthWatch.

Our team is growing! Do you have experience in web developing or social media marketing? Please CONTACT US, we could use your wing and would love to have you on our team!

Thank you for being our Other Wing!

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