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Sponsorship Spotlight

Young Innovations Inc. 

Meet Our Spring 2019 Sponsor

Visit Young Innovations Inc. Website

Young Innovations

"Creating Smiles, Creating Possibilities"

Nichol Schreiber, Senior Manager of Clinical Relations

"Young Innovations corporate model is “Creating Smiles, Creating Possibilities.” Together as employees we pride ourselves in manufacturing the highest quality dental products that allow the clinician to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Ergonomics is such an important aspect of dental hygiene, and dental hygienists will often sacrifice their own safety to deliver the best care for their patients. Young Innovations continually develops products that allow the clinicians to deliver the best patient experience while providing the necessary ergonomic benefits to promote a long, healthy hygiene career. Young Innovations supports individuals and nonprofit agencies with donations to help deliver dental services to underserved communities both domestically and abroad. Additionally, as an organization we support our local communities through food drives, toy donations during the holidays, and other local community events such as an annual Oral Cancer Foundation Walk/Run."

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"Young Innovations’ corporate office is located in Algonquin, IL. We have several manufacturing facilities in the U.S., including Earth City, MO, Grafton, WI and Missoula, MT. I am based out of the Missoula office."

Length of time with your organization?

"I have been with Young Innovations for 4 (almost five years), and prior to that I was with American Eagle Instruments for 8 ½ years YI acquired American Eagle in May of 2017."

How/When did you first learn of Hygienists For Humanity

"I first had the pleasure of meeting Alicia at a dental hygiene trade show. After visiting with Alicia and hearing the mission of Hygienists for Humanity, I knew both myself and our organization would want to be involved. Alicia brings a true passion to the industry to serve and it shines through in her mission and work with local communities."

Who is your other wing?

"While I am not a hygienist myself, I have been so grateful to be part of this group of amazing health care providers. I am fueled by the passion my team and hygienists across the country bring to their profession, and feel so fortunate to be a part of this community. My other passions include my two beautiful children, my daughter who just turned 18 and my son who is 12. They are a constant joy in my life, and I am so blessed to be their mom!!"

Young Innovations GIVE AWAY!!

Be sure to visit our Instagram page for a chance to be one of THREE LUCKY WINNERS! 

Young Hygiene HandPiece

Feel the difference of a Young Hygiene Handpiece! The ergonomic design features a light-weight body with a unique reverse contour silhouette for a comfortable fit in the hand. The contra-angled connector and 360˚ swivel nosecone allow for a natural range of motion while greatly reducing hand and wrist fatigue.

Enter to win the best, lightweight Hygiene Handpiece on the market! 

XP Sharpen-Free Blackjack & M23

Kiss sharpening goodbye with XP Sharpen-Free by American Eagle! These extraordinary instruments are designed to last as long as traditional stainless steel but without the need to sharpen. The wear-resistant edge means that only light pressure is needed to plane away calculus, resulting in a more ergonomic grip. Enter to win an XP Sharpen-Free Blackjack or M23, our most popular scalers.

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2. Like @hygienistsforhumanity AND @young_dental

3. Tag a friend in the comment section of our official contest post

4. Both you and friend must be subscribed as members to Hygienists For Humanity (Subscribe HERE)

5. Limit one tag per comment, comment multiple times for multiple entries

All winners will be announced June 30 @5pm EST via Instagram


Angels In Action

Smiles Across Montana

An Idea Is Born

Crystal Spring and Cara Reck met while serving on the Montana Dental Hygiene Association board and they had an instant connection! They discovered that both were extremely passionate about dental hygiene and access to care for EVERYONE.

From this desire to improve oral hygiene and access to care for all Montanans, Smiles Across Montana (SAM) was created. Smiles Across Montana is a nonprofit organization with the goal of eliminating oral health disparities in the state of Montana. They work in a mobile capacity, bringing the dental clinic to you. "We believe that ALL Montanans should have access to equitable and quality dental care."  

Getting Started

"We started with one portable unit, a portable chair, dental hygiene instruments and just enough materials to make magic happen. Starting our own non-profit has been a very difficult adventure. Our belief in what we are doing to help improve not only the oral health, but also the overall health of our patients has kept us moving forward. We were fortunate to find a wonderful Dentist, Dr. Nasim Aleagha, to collaborate with us. We have continued to break down the barriers concerning access to care in our state. We partner with like minded organizations such as: Indian Health Services, Tribal Health, Head Start, Montana State University Nursing, Montana Medicaid, Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue shield, and the list keeps expanding."

"We attribute our success with SAM to our commitment to each other and our shared passion for improving the lives of our patients’ one smile at a time."

Thanks for all you do Crystal and Cara and being an inspiration and motivation to us all! You are moving our profession forward!


We all angels on earth with one wing and we only fly high when we are together. 

Luciano De Creszenzo

Our Values

Empowerment. The word itself makes you stand up straight as is rolls off your lips. It makes you want to implement change when you know change is needed. As Hygienists, we have the ability to empower our patients everyday in our daily practice. We have taken on the role of a leader to our patients as they look to us for guidance in their oral health. Bill Gates once said, “As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” Hygienists are leaders in healthcare. I never wanted to be that “nagging hygienist” (you know, the one that is known for shaming their patient into flossing) or sounding like a broken record at every re-care visit! I knew that scolding would never work. But how do you get a patient, the fifty-five year old man, who’s been using the same manual toothbrush for at least a year, to change his oral homecare routine? For fifty-five years this man has brushed his teeth the same way as he did when he was a child, with less than favorable results. How do you break the cycle? How do you get him to even want to change? There has to be an “ah-ha” moment from within the patient. Empowerment allows me to inspire my patients to own their oral health and implement change. We must bridge the gap between “knowing” and “doing”. Empowering my patients requires much more than what I learned in Dental Hygiene school. It requires affection for people, and whole a lot of compassion. I’m grateful for the career that I have chosen as it allows me to fulfill my purpose. Empowering others to improve their oral health on a one-on-one basis is just a small piece in the grand scheme of things, but an important part never the less. Never limit yourself to what you can’t do, but to what you have the power to do with what you have. 

Sarah Crow, RDH

Lawrence, MA

Angel Sighting

Meet Lucy Conard, Grafton, WI

Hailing from the center of the map, our fellow Hygienist For Humanity, Lucy was spotted wearing her signature logo tee. Lucy is a proud member of our organization because we 'are providing a much-needed connection of food and oral care items for people that need visibility and care.' With your support in Grafton, Wisconsin we can continue #DoingAngelsWork, advocate for care in vulnerable populations all around the country. Thanks for your support, Lucy!

Lookin' good!

I want a Shirt!

The Halo

Spring 2019

Executive Committee Corner

Alicia Murria, Executive Director

We thank you to subscribing to membership to Hygienists For Humanity and we hope that you have enjoyed our FIRST volume of The Halo. The best has yet to come. This newsletter was designed to be all about you! We want to celebrate you, your organization, and the way you show the world that dental hygiene is more than scraping plaque off teeth. We will continue to bring awareness to our profession and promote ourselves as health care providers whose specialty is prevention. WE FLY HIGHER TOGETHER! 

We hope this volume of The Halo has empowered you to follow your clinical passion, connect with our sponsor Young Innovations, learn how you can get involved in your community, and embrace opportunities to advocate for access to care. Don't forget to take note our upcoming events and join us if you can. We're really looking forward to seeing you all Louisville!

Be sure to head over to our Instagram page for an opportunity to win a one of three featured giveaways sponsored by Young Innovations! Good luck! 

Our team is growing! Do you have experience in web developing or social media marketing? Please contact us, we could use your wing and would love to have you on our team!

Thanks for your continued support!