Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member?

Simply subscribe and you are a member! As a member, you are helping our organization to grow.

Can I sign up to volunteer?

Yes! We are looking for volunteers for our first mission and missions to follow.  Volunteer needs include but are not limited to packing bags, organizing donations, helping at missions around the country, or sharing your gift that can help our organization to grow. We want to hear from you! We will fly higher with your support!

How are donations utilized?

All donations directly support our organization’s mission to connect underserved communities including those experiencing homeless communities with and quality oral hygiene products and services. This includes packing, shipping, and storage. As we grow, our vision includes providing access to preventative and therapeutic oral hygiene services in communities nationwide. Each donation is helping us to achieve our mission and vision. We are a not for profit organization and each executive committee member donates their time to execute these missions. Donations do not support travel for volunteers or executive committee members. We utilize our funds for shipping, additional personal hygiene products, and day to day organizational upkeep. 

I would like to start a chapter in my community.

Currently, we do not have chapters. Stay tuned, we are working on it! Be sure to subscribe and identify your location so we can gather all the Angels in your area! We are planning to make it easier for you to get involved, as an individual, in your community. We can’t be everywhere at once, that’s why we are glad you are our other wing! Feel free to contact us if you need support in your community.

How can I support?

See above (how do I become a member). Donations of any amount and donations of products are always welcomed. Participation in fundraisers, sharing our social media campaigns/posts, spreading the word, volunteering/facilitating outreach and missions are all easy ways to support our mission.

Will Hygienists For Humanity come to my community?

As we grow, we strive to reach communities nationwide. Subscribe to become a member and receive our mailings to stay current with our events as we will be at a conference in your community soon.

What is Hygienists For Humanity?

Hygienists For Humanity is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in compliance with IRS guidelines for charitable organizations. Hygienists For Humanity was founded by dental hygienists to help individuals worldwide who may be facing financial hardships, experiencing homelessness, or have limited access to care to get access to oral hygiene products and services. We travel to different CE conferences and support the communities we visit with the aforementioned donations. We are a growing organization and we need the support of our professional colleagues and communities nationwide to reach our vision of donated oral/dental hygiene products and services to those who need us most.

We hope you found your answer… if not, feel free to contact us!