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Have you ever stopped and wondered where do all the unused toothbrushes and other product samples that venders are unable to distribute end up? Hygienists For Humanity, asks that question, gets an answer, and finds vulnerable communities that can benefit from qualilty oral hygiene products! We all got into healthcare because we want to help others, right? Helping others can reach beyond our clinical practice… but how? That very question was pondered as Alicia bypassed the homeless on the trail of a 5k run. The bigger question was, do others see these homeless people? How can we do more? If we don’t help them, who will?

#HygienistsForHumanity is a 501c3 charitable organization and our mission is to connect underserved communities and individuals experiencing homelessness with quality oral hygiene products and services. We travel around the country to professional development conferences and collect donations from venders and attendees, donating to shelters who assist those experiencing the underserved. As our organization grows, we strive to help marginalized communities gain access to dental care. We strive to be a catalyst for healthcare providers to support communities around the country who are experiencing homelessness. Around the country, Angels like you help us to implement #DoingAngelsWork missions in their community. Will you help us to serve your community?

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